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Who is QueryTree for?

Software agencies

Being able to offer your clients a reporting dashboard is a great way to demonstrate value and set yourself apart from the competition. The good news is you don't need spend time and effort developing bespoke reporting solutions - QueryTree can be securely implemented in minutes, allowing your customers to view their software's data without giving them database access.


If you're a startup founder with a non-technical background, it can be difficult to find out what's happening with your data without bothering your developers. QueryTree is a cost-effective tool that makes it incredibly easy to access and understand your data, granting you valuable insight into who's doing what in your software and enabling you to improve your product.

Marketing teams

Marketing decisions should be based on facts, right? QueryTree lets you get at your product's data in minutes, and the intuitive drag-and-drop builder can be easily accessed whenever required (even in the middle of a meeting). QueryTree helps you to understand the story behind your data so you can create effective marketing campaigns and measure their impact.

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