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What is QueryTree?

QueryTree is a powerful yet simple reporting tool that allows anyone to gain insight from their product’s data, without the need for any technical understanding. With a drag-and-drop builder and tonnes of visualization options, reports can be generated on the fly, or scheduled and emailed to your teammates - on the web or on your mobile, and without the need to bother any developers.

Connect your database

QueryTree only takes a couple of minutes for your developer to set up - once you've connected your database through the easy wizard, it's simply a case of building the reports that will get you the data you need.

Visualize your data

QueryTree lets you sort through your databases using a simple interface, so you don't need to get bogged down in data that's not relevant. A range of visualization options enable you to easily see the story behind your data.

Schedule reports

With QueryTree's scheduling feature, you only have to build a report once, then you can easily automate it to land in your inbox regularly, at a time that suits you. Perfect for simplifying your monthly marketing reports!

Not technical? No problem

QueryTree has been designed to be used by non-technies - the interface is intuitive and setup doesn't require any code. It removes the need for developers in your data analysis process, which means you can manage your time more efficiently as you won't meet blockers along the way.

Building a report
Viewing reports mobile

Make better marketing decisions

QueryTree lets you provide your team with an understanding of who is using your software, and how they're using it, in order to improve the product. You'll also be able to access the data wherever and whenever you need to (even on your phone mid-meeting).

Collaborate with your team

Once you've connected your database, you can invite your team to join in, sharing the data and using it to collaborate on reports. QueryTree only needs to be set up once, and access can be shared amongst anyone who needs it - from team members to managers.

Setting user permissions

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