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What is QueryTree?

QueryTree is a flexible and powerful database reporting solution that can be implemented in minutes, allowing non-technical users to build their own reports, pivot tables, and visualizations wherever and whenever they want to, without needing the help of a developer.

Connect a database

QueryTree can be connected to MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases in minutes using secure encrypted connections, and only requires read-only access.

View the data

Clients can then view and run queries on their data by themselves, without help and without you having to worry about providing them with direct access to their databases.

Get Advanced

Even if your client has complex reporting requirements, QueryTree can handle it. The Advanced Report Builder has a wealth of additional tools so they can dig as deep as they like.

Easy to implement

Connecting QueryTree to your MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases is as simple as creating a new user. You don't need to grant the QueryTree user access to all the tables and views in your database; if you like, you can create special views just for QueryTree.

Setting user permissions

Safe as houses

Because QueryTree only requires read-only access, you'll never need to worry about databases being edited, overwritten, or deleted. QueryTree also uses encrypted connections to ensure that data is kept secure, private, and safe from compromise.

Great for clients, great for you

Using QueryTree to provide your clients with access to their data means you can offer them an off-the-shelf reporting solution rather than spending days building something bespoke. In turn, they can view their data with no risk, wherever and whenever they want.

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