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Unlock the potential of your data with a simple reporting and visualization integration for your app. Just grab the source code and implement it into your codebase.


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Your enterprise subscription gives you priority email support. Email us and we’ll respond to your ticket within 1 business day (but we'll aim for faster).

In addition, subscribers have access to a one hour video chat session to help answer questions and tune QueryTree Enterprise for their application.


QueryTree is available under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 license.

Alongside full QueryTree reporting and visualization, buying QueryTree Enterprise grants your organization a commercial license instead of LGPLv3, avoiding any legal issues your lawyers might raise. Please get in touch if you have more questions.

What is QueryTree?

QueryTree is a powerful yet simple reporting tool that allows anyone to gain insight from their product's data, without the need for any technical understanding.

With a drag-and-drop builder and tonnes of visualization options, reports can be generated on the fly, or scheduled and emailed to team members, directors, and investors - on the web or on your mobile, and without you sacrificing hours of your time.

Connect your database

QueryTree works with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases, and will only take minutes for you or your developer to set up. The connection is secure and encrypted, so your data is always safe!

Visualize your data

Once your database is hooked up, you can use QueryTree's report builder wizard and drag-and-drop interface to find the data that matters to you, and a range of visualization options enable you to easily see the story behind your data.

Schedule reports

With QueryTree's scheduling feature, you only have to build a report once. You can then easily automate it to land in your inbox regularly, at a time that suits you. Need to keep others in the loop? Just add them to the list of recipients!

Not technical? No problem

If you haven't got a clue how to access your database, or have no idea what to do when you're in there, don't worry; QueryTree lets you quickly find what you're looking for in your database without needing expert help, so you can see your data in a way that works for you.

Building a report

See the data how you want

QueryTree's Simple Report Builder is incredibly intuitive and offers all the functionality most people will need. For more complicated requirements, there's the Advanced Report Builder. We have an easy-to-follow wizard for first time users, and a comprehensive help guide and support team on standby.

Cost-effective reporting

Rather than spending your developer's valuable (and pricey) hours on reporting, let them crack on with coding while you use QueryTree to generate the reports you want from your software's data. QueryTree is free & open source with a customized support plan available for enterprise customers.

Viewing reports mobile

Embed QueryTree in minutes

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