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QueryTree is an open source reporting and visualization integration for your app. Just grab the source code and implement it into your codebase.


Easy integration into your app


Documentation can be found on GitHub


Full access to new versions

No technical skills required

You don't need to be a developer to get to the wealth of valuable information contained in your database. QueryTree’s visual environment gives you the power and flexibility to build queries and reports from your data, using a simple drag and drop interface. Easily join different data sets, apply transformations, and view the results using QueryTree's visualisation tools.

Building a report
Scheduling a report

Connect securely, invite teammates, and schedule reports

Using QueryTree, you can connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases using secure encrypted connections. You can then invite your teammates to use your data to create, share, export, and schedule reports using our intuitive drag and drop report builder.

QueryTree only requires read-only access to your database, so your data will always be safe.

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Once implemented, you can build your first report in minutes, utilizing as many QueryTree Filter tools as you like to sort and manipulate your data. You can even perform calculations on your data within the builder by using QueryTree's Statistics tool

Screenshot of QueryTree report builder
Creating a chart


Present your results clearly and concisely, using the Sort tool to organize data and the Select tool to remove erroneous information. QueryTree features several visualization options and charts to make it easy to understand your data at a glance


After creating your visualizations, you can save your report or export elements for use in Excel, Word, or whatever tools you like to work with. You can also create an email schedule so future reports are automatically sent to anyone you like

Screenshot of Excel

Need to go deeper?

QueryTree also offers an Advanced Report Builder, providing you with all the functionality of the Simple Report Builder and more. The Advanced Report Builder features extra tools and customization options for when you need to create more complex reports and dig a little deeper into your database

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