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QueryTree is open source, meaning it is free for all to use and edit. If you need assistance with implementation, making changes, or anything else related to QueryTree we’ll be happy to help with custom support.

If you’re intending to be a heavy user of QueryTree with lots of customizations, we have an ‘Enterprise’ tier that includes ongoing support which might be more suitable. Email us to discuss the details.

How does custom support work?

Email us with a summary of your needs. We’ll help you if we can, usually through one of the following:

  • Give you an estimate of time and price if the work is straightforward
  • Suggest alternatives that might not require QueryTree

Note that work must be QueryTree related. We don't accept general development work. Our contracting price is $125/hour or $1000/day. Just drop us an email and we’ll see how we can help.

Made with by D4

QueryTree is built by D4 Software, a software studio based in Birmingham, UK. We come from software and startup backgrounds, so we understand the challenges people face when it comes to obtaining insight from data - this puts us in a really strong position to build a tool that solves these problems. As well as QueryTree, we've built some other products designed to make it easier for developers to do their jobs.

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