Get Answers from Your Database –
Without Learning to Code

QueryTree lets you extract the information you need from your company’s databases, even if you can’t write code. It gives you a simple drag and drop interface to build up a query visually. Then simply export the results into a spreadsheet.

  • Get the results you need without waiting for a developer to build you a report.
  • Answer questions and test theories quickly.
  • Discover hidden insights in your data with the freedom to build any query.
  • Works with any MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database.

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QueryTree on Windows 8


My Application’s Reports Don’t Answer My Question

Your company databases contain useful information. But even if that system comes with a set of reports, they don’t always provide quite what you need. You may want something very specific. You might want to experiment with a variety of different searches. Either way, your only hope is usually to pull as much out as you can in one go and try to manipulate it in a spreadsheet.

With QueryTree you can get straight to the information you need. You can build any database query that you can think of, and pull out whatever data you need all by yourself. No waiting for a developer to do it for you, no writing a business case to justify the new report, no back and forth when that developer doesn’t quite understand what you were asking for. You can get your data out, and get on with your day.


I Don’t Want to Learn to Code, I Just Want to Use Plain English

QueryTree’s user interface revolves around a “worksheet” onto which you drag and drop “tools”. The application is simple and straightforward to use, each tool does a particular job like “Loading a table of data from the database” or “filtering a table” or “joining two tables together” and there’s no way you can break it or mess things up. You can learn the tools one at a time, each one has its own help page, and over time you’ll start to link them together to create amazing results. Like building up a sentence to describe the data you’d like.


I Want to Make Decisions Based on Data, But We Don’t Have the Resources

How well are each of your marketing ads performing? Which customers are the most profitable? Where does most of your team’s time go? The answers often lie in the data that your organisation has already collected. But getting those questions answered, quickly and easily, requires an in-house data analyst who can work will all the technology. And hiring that person costs money. With QueryTree you don’t need a PHD in data analysis. Just download, log in to a database and start exploring.

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