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What is QueryTree?

QueryTree is a flexible, powerful, and secure database reporting and visualization tool that allows people to easily access and understand their software or app's data.

Implementation takes mere minutes, and enables non-technical team members to build and schedule their own reports, pivot tables, and visualizations wherever and whenever they want to, without needing the help of a developer.


Securely connect your MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server database in just a few minutes


Use our intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop report builder to explore, select, and sort your data


Generate useful interactive charts that visually summarize what's really going on with your software

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Who is QueryTree for?

Software agencies

"How many users opened our client's app this month?"

QueryTree easily enables your customers to access the wealth of data in their database without the need for expensive bespoke reporting solutions

For software agencies


"How many signups did we get this week from search?"

QueryTree makes it really easy to access your data, enabling you to gain valuable new insight into who's doing what in your software

For startups

Marketing teams

"What does our revenue look like this year so far?"

QueryTree makes it easy to get to grips with your database, giving you the basis you need to make better marketing decisions

For marketing teams

"QueryTree has changed the way we think about reporting and visualization for our clients, it's added a huge amount of value"

Ria Blagburn, Founder @ Grow Beyond: a digital marketing consultancy

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