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Using QueryTree’s visual report builder, answers to your user’s data questions are only a few clicks away

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QueryTree’s visual environment gives your users an unprecedented amount of power and flexibility to report your data, using simple drag and drop tools. You can apply a series of changes to any data set, by representing every step in the process as an icon (tool), each of which performs a specific function. You can save the report and receive regular email updates, too.

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Using QueryTree, you can connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases using secure encrypted connections, and then invite your non-technical peers to use that database to create, share and export reports using our intuitive drag and drop report builder. QueryTree only requires read-only access to your database.

Finding the data you’re looking has never been easier


Intuitive filtering.

Users can combine as many, or as few, QueryTree Filter tools as they like, making finding the right information easy, no matter how specific it may be. And all this can be done while reviewing your data matches as you go.


Connecting your information.

QueryTree’s Join tool takes the hassle of cross referencing data, and looking up values from other tables, out of the equation. It’s simplicity at its most elegant.

QueryTree Statistics Tool

Summarising lots of data.

Finding averages, medians and row counts, or even performing sums within your data, is made simple and straightforward by QueryTree’s Statistics tool.


Presenting your results.

QueryTree’s Select tool allows you to remove unwanted data columns, you can sort your rows using the Sort tool and you can even plot your data onto a chart, using the Bar Chart or Line Chart tools.

Designed with you in mind

QueryTree works with any MySQL or SQL Server database

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