Add powerful reporting to your app in minutes.

QueryTree is the flexible and easy to use ad-hoc reporting tool that works with any MySQLPostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server database.

Just enter your database’s details, and invite non-developers in to build and share reports using our powerful drag and drop report builder.

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Deliver More Value to Your Users


Prepare reports with ease.

QueryTree allows you to visually build any database report you can think of, putting the information your users need at their fingertips and making reliance on technical assistance from developers a thing of the past. QueryTree can even streamline reporting by automatically emailing you the most current report.

tick Perfect for Business Intelligence Analysts


Software testing made simple.

The elegant simplicity of QueryTree’s interface means your testers can stop wasting valuable time learning SQL, freeing them up to focus on ensuring that the functionality of the piece of software they’re testing is up to scratch.

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Improved IT support effectiveness.

QueryTree minimises the average life span of a support ticket, by reducing IT Support Engineers’ reliance on developers to answer complex data questions using SQL.

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Make intelligent marketing decisions.

Marketers can find out who’s doing what in minutes with QueryTree, making business more agile and profit margins healthier than ever.

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